One-to-one dog training lessons using rewards & positive reinforcement.
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    Christine Fitzgerald Dog Training Romford

    Become a confident owner and enjoy stress-free walks with a happy,
    well-behaved dog with our friendly, easy-going lessons!

    Romford Dog Training

    Hi, my name is Christine and I work with dogs in Romford and the surrounding areas.

    I have had dogs all my life and like most dog lovers, can't see a time when I would want to live without them.

    What my dogs have taught me over the years is invaluable!

    It is second nature for me to read their facial expressions, body language and signals to decipher what they want/need/are trying to tell me - and this is where I can add real value to your life!

    I can teach you how to read your dog's signals.

    Wouldn't it be great if you knew what they were trying to tell you?

    Would you like to know just how to play with your dog and understand what really makes them tick?

    Simply complete the form below and I will call you back to discuss your dog and puppy training requirements.


    I'd love to help you!

      Dog Training To Build Good Habits & Trust

      The Benefits of a Well-Trained Dog

      Build a bond with your dog

      Good quality training builds trust and understanding between owner and dog.

      Develops good social skills

      Well trained dogs are more social and less likely to show signs of aggression.

      Freedom & family

      More freedom & fun will help your dog become a well-adjusted family member.

      Mental stimulation

      Dog training provides mental stimulation keeping your dog occupied and happy.

      Confident with kids

      Good training makes your dog confident around kids, giving you peace of mind.

      A healthier dog

      Well-trained dogs get more exercise and are generally healthier.

      "Christine is so relaxed and all the dogs love her. As first time dog owners, we really appreciate her support. She is so positive and non-judgemental. We highly recommend her."


      "Christine’s kind, patient & has a great understanding regarding training and we are very grateful for all she has done for our two dogs!"

      puppy training Romford
      Romford dog trainer

      "Christine, you are wonderful. We all love you! Thank you so much for all your help!"

      "Christine has been brilliant for us. Our puppy, Esme, loves her!"

      dog behaviour training Romford

      "Christine is fantastic with dogs, she is a complete natural around dogs and makes everything look so easy."

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