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During your 1:1 training sessions we will show you how to train your dog in a number of areas. In addition, we will also work with you to build your own confidence dealing with everyday situations you are likely to face whilst out and about with your pooch.

Here are some of the more common issues we can help you with:

General puppy training – This will include things like toilet training, crate training, anxiety training, mouthing/biting, not jumping up and any other issues you have experienced with your new puppy.

Socialisation – We will build your puppy’s confidence around all dogs by introducing them to a wide variety of breeds of dog early in your training plan. We will also help with socialising to other stimuli to ensure a well-balanced, confident puppy.

Recall – the number 1 priority for all dogs to learn, both for safety and fun. This is the most important thing to teach your dog, as early on as possible, as it not only ensures they are safe while out walking, but also ensures a more relaxed, stress free walk.

Behavioural issues – If your puppy is displaying a particular unwanted behaviour at home or out and about, we can help you find a solution.

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    dog recall training

    Dog Recall Training

    Dog Training Recall - Recall is the number one most important life skill for any dog.
    It gives them their freedom to run off lead and explore whilst giving you peace of mind that they will come back to you when you want/need them to.
    Even more important than allowing them to have fun (could there be anything more important than fun for a dog??), it also guards their safety, as you can recall your dog if a situation develops which you deem unsafe or which you are unsure about.
    It stands to reason that it is far easier to teach a puppy recall skills than an older dog, however, it is a fact of life that many rescue dogs have never been equipped with these skills when they were young, so must learn them at whatever age they can.

    I strongly believe that an old dog can most definitely learn new tricks, and this is one trick that you will be happy to know, they are usually delighted to learn.
    Dogs are extremely clever, and they quickly work out the advantage of having the freedom to run, play and explore and are usually quite eager to prove they understand the rules!

    Recall Training For All Breeds

    Additionally, many people believe that certain breeds cannot learn recall (e.g. huskies, beagles, parsons etc.), however I do not subscribe to this school of thought – given that I have a beagle and a parsons and they are both wonderful off lead, and I have worked with a number of these dogs who apparently need to be kept on lead forever, and they are all now free to run, play and explore and are perfectly safe to do so!

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      Puppy Training

      If you have decided to welcome a new puppy into your home but are unsure where to start with their training then look no further. Christine Fitzgerald Dog Training can offer an all-in-one package to get you on track.

      We will start with 1-2 sessions in the home covering all the main issues a new puppy will be faced with, such as potty training, crate training (if you wish to do this), avoiding chewing catastrophes, mouthing/biting, teaching good manners, understanding clear instructions etc, followed by 2-3 sessions in the park to cover socialising, recall, understanding ground rules etc.

      puppy training romford

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        dog -behaviour training romford

        Dog Behaviour Training

        Sadly, not all dogs are taught good behaviour when they are young, which is unfortunate.

        However all dogs, whatever their age, are able to learn, albeit probably not as quickly as a puppy might. If you have a specific behavioural issue you would like help with such as walking on lead, good recall, eliminating unwanted chewing, jumping, excessive barking, running off etc, then we have a comprehensive plan that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to get things on track.

        This plan is also good if you have welcomed a rescue dog into your home who doesn’t have the necessary social skills or confidence to have the happy and stress free life they deserve.

        If you are unsure how many sessions you will need, then you can pay as you go.

        The sessions are £50 for an hour.

        The first 1 or 2 sessions will always take place in the home, depending on the issue or issues.

        Dog Behaviour Training Plan

        If you would prefer to go with the plan, then we offer 5 sessions plus access to our online members area that includes video training and downloadable e-book with lots of tips and info, as well as multi-media tutorials teaching additional techniques and lots of extra tips and advice for you on dealing with behaviour issues.

        This package also includes four 10-minute personal Q&A sessions with Christine at regular intervals following the training where you can ask any questions, discuss your dog's progress and receive further advice and training.

        The cost of the package is just £250 - simply complete the form on the right and I will call you back to discuss your requirements.

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          Rescue Dogs

          Rescue dogs are amazing!

          I am lucky enough to share my home with 5 of them, all different breeds, backgrounds and ages, and all behave absolutely beautifully (most of the time).

          The key lies in being very patient, compassionate and persistent. Some of my dogs shed the shackles of their old lives very quickly, and some found this way more difficult and continued to be fearful and anxious for a long time.

          If you have recently given a dog a new lease of life, or would like to, but are unsure how to settle them into your home, then please reach out to me for advice, which I will be more than happy to provide you with. Just drop me an email with your questions or concerns and I will respond at my earliest convenience.

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            Anxiety and Stress in Dogs

            Anxiety is very common among dogs for a huge variety of reasons.

            Some common causes are traumas they have suffered in the past which trigger bad memories; unclear rules at home leading to mixed messages meaning your dog doesn't know what he/she is/isn't allowed to do, and sometimes dogs, like humans, are just a bit highly strung and feel anxious for no discernible reason.

            This anxiety is often expressed through negative behaviours such as destructive chewing, heavy panting, excessive barking, crying, howling, toiletting indoors, etc.

            Sometimes dogs who are extremely fearful will behave in a way that appears aggressive, such as snapping, or actually biting other dogs or people.

            Some anxieties can be treated very successfully through training and confidence building. There are also a number of natural remedies which have been proven to help in some situations. Unfortunately there are some still who may need medication in order to manage their anxieties if they are very extreme, however I would try all other options available before resorting to this.

            It is vital to understand the type of anxiety your dog is suffering from, and if possible, trace the source of it, so that the most appropriate treatment can be applied.

            Some popular and easy remedies are exercise, calming music, massage (I can help with this), aromatherapy, bach remedies and good old fashioned distraction and bribery!

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