Pupdate – Chief

Chief is almost 7 months now and I thought it would be nice to post a pupdate on his progress.

You may remember he was very reactive to everything in the world as he hadn’t had the chance to socialise much up to now and all of his walks were on the lead in the street so going to the park was a huge change for him. We have gently introduced him to everything in the environment and he has come on brilliantly.

He now approaches dogs in a calmer way without barking at them constantly and he is also really good off the lead, especially when he gets the chance to play with his ball.

We are going to focus on getting him walking a bit better on the lead next as he is super strong and really pulls his mum along!

dog training Havering
Havering dog training


Meet Myna, a gorgeous girl who was rescued from a kill shelter in Romania.

She is about 8 or 9 months old and is full of energy. We had a session in her home a couple of weeks ago to address issues of her nipping and biting and sometimes behaving in a way that didn’t appear entirely playful!

She was jumping up a lot and generally causing mayhem. We have been trying for a couple of weeks to get her out for a session in the park but the weather has been stacked against us the whole time. We did manage to dodge the showers this weekend and get her out.

We wanted to tackle both socialising with other dogs and recall. Myna has been nervous of other dogs up to now so we picked carefully the ones we would introduce her to first.

After meeting a few dogs and saying tentative hello’s, she met Maggie the lab who is close to her age and they went running off for a play so we unclipped Myna’s long line to let her make the most of the fun.

She had a great time and now looks at dogs in a different light! She spent the rest of the session off the lead and did very well.

I’m confident that having more engaging and fun walks now will have a positive impact on Myna’s indoor behaviour - pupdate to follow in due course!

Pupdate: Milly

You may remember little Milly, the tiny maltipoo who finds the world a very scary place.

Milly didn’t go out very much during lockdown and as a result she finds dealing with other dogs, people and traffic quite difficult.

We have done loads of work on building Milly’s confidence up slowly and she has just reached the point where she can walk off the lead in the park.

She is still very nervous of other dogs, but has started tentatively approaching some dogs recently to say hello so lots of promising signs that Milly is starting to feel a little less scared when out and about!

Havering dog trainer
Romford dog trainer


This little beauty is Penny, a delightful 4 month old Saluki cross.

Penny’s mum reached out for help as she felt Penny was becoming very frustrated walking on the lead and had started jumping up on her a lot, biting her and tearing her clothes.

Penny is a sighthound and they just love to run, so it was understandable that she was becoming frustrated not being able to.

Her mum was very nervous about letting her off the lead, but we did lots of training with her on the long line first and she did really well, so we decided to try her off lead and she was amazing. She loved running around and tired herself out in no time at all.

Her recall was really good and I think she will be able to spend most of her time on walks now off the lead as her mum now has more confidence and knows exactly what she needs to do to keep Penny interested in coming back to her.


I thought it was time I did a little pupdate on gorgeous Rosie. Rosie’s training is a slow burner as we are gradually building her confidence around other dogs.

She really doesn’t trust other dogs at all and can be very reactive. Because of this she wears a soft muzzle during all our sessions, which allows us to be able to get her close to other dogs without putting anyone in danger.

Rosie has made some good progress over the past few weeks and managed a couple of walks with other dogs on the lead.

She walked pretty close with Beau the Afghan recently and even had a few tentative sniffs which was a first and really made me happy.

Rosie is definitely moving in the right direction, but confidence can’t be rushed so we just need to be patient and allow the trust to build up naturally.

dog trainer in Romford
dog training in Romford


This is Max, a 1 year old rescue puppy from Romania. Max’s mum came to me to get help with Max jumping up on people, pulling on the lead and recall.

Max had never been off the lead, in fact he hadn’t even been on a long line before our session, and he had the time of his life.

He managed to do loads of running around and playing with other puppies while working on his recall and he never even knew he was working!

We also discussed strategies for getting him to walk nicely on the lead and eliminate his jumping habit.

We have a couple more sessions booked in so I’ll post a pupdate on his progress at the end.

Loki the Shiba Inu

Some of you may remember Loki the Shiba Inu who started his training with me some time ago as a very shy and nervous puppy.

Loki was scared of other dogs and quite jumpy around people he didn’t know.

He had no recall and his parents had been told that he should never be allowed off the lead as he was likely to run off.

We spent a couple of months working on Loki’s confidence before starting on any other training, and we then got straight into recall, road sense and walking nicely on the lead. We also taught him the emergency stop which he is working hard to perfect.

He is now like a different dog when he is at the park, he has excellent recall and loves to run around playing with other dogs.

He still occasionally barks at people he doesn’t know, but it is not often, and there is a strategy in place to fix this over the next few weeks.

All in all, a big gold star for Loki

romford puppy training
dogs trained in Romford


The gorgeous Leo has graduated early! He has totally nailed everything we have worked on and during our last session he literally didn’t put a foot wrong.

His recalls were amazing, he didn’t jump once on anyone, but instead sat beautifully in front of people and learned about personal space from my dog Eric so switched his strategy from jumping on him to lying in front of him to make friends!

He is such a gorgeous pup with a lovely temperament and I’m looking forward to watching him grow into a lovely well behaved dog 

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