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This is Coco, a gorgeous 5 month old Collie who has been displaying some guarding behaviours at home resulting in a few painful bites for her family.

I’ve agreed a 2 pronged approach with them to get rid of this behaviour which includes working systematically to bring the guarding down using a detailed plan of action, and also upping Coco’s stimulation, getting her running off the lead and taking her to different places where she can explore, meet other dogs and use up some of those bags of energy she has stored up.

We will touch base every few days to see how she is coming along and I’ll post a pupdate with her progress.


This handsome boy is Loki, a 10 month old Golden Retriever puppy.

Loki has a wonderful nature and is very friendly with people and dogs, unless they come anywhere near his food bowl while he is eating!

He doesn’t have a problem with anyone handling his bowl before or after he eats, however while he is eating if anyone approaches or touches him, he freezes up and his body language totally changes – on occasion he has gone further than this and gone for the person who was beside him.

He is happy to be hand fed, even with other dogs around and shows no signs of aggression, it is just around his bowl (or his liki mat) while he is eating from it.

We are going to do some exercises with Loki to systematically reduce this reactivity as it is starting to have a very detrimental affect on his family.

He also needs to do some work on his recall which we will include in his training plan – pupdates to follow!

Romford dog training
dog trainer Romford


This little heartbreaker is Tizzy, a 3 month old Miniature Schnauzer.

Tizzy is Lynn’s first puppy and she wants to make sure she does everything right from the start to ensure that Tizzy is happy and confident – and also to ensure that she is confident herself in all situations.

We got started with her first session where we did some basic training teaching Tizzy how to sit, lay down and spin around (just for fun!).

We also covered off toilet training, nipping, anxiety training, purpose of the crate, lead walking, foundational recall and socialising so they have a lot to be getting on with before our first session in the park next week where Tizzy will meet dogs of all shapes and sizes for the first time!


Buckley is a gorgeous 10 month old Boston Terrier puppy who did some puppy sessions when he was tiny but has come back for some refresher lessons now that he is a big boy!

He needs to work on a few areas including recall, jumping up, staying and stealing items of value indoors and running off with them.

He is a very smart puppy and really got the hang of the recall and sitting instead of jumping during our first session.

I’ve given his family a step by step plan to stop him from stealing stuff indoors which he is doing because it always results in a fun chase around the house or garden!

If they follow the plan this should fizzle out in a few weeks – watch out for pupdates!

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